Cereal I'd like to see (and eat) at the
7th Annual Saturday Morning Cartoon Party

My all time favourite cereal is Count Chocula  Vampires and chocolate marshmallows? How can you go wrong?

A very close second:  These are surprisingly good!

Number three: Cap'n Crunch


 We had these last year. They're not too bad.


Actually pretty gross:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

And it's sister from overseas:

I think you can still get Apple Jacks at some stores (not in this box though)

Brown milk? Okay!

Cookies for breakfast, cake for lunch, ice cream for dinner, bacon and cigarettes inbetween

Remember Dig'em? These used to be called Sugar Smacks. For a while they changed Sugar Crisp to Super Golden Crisp too - remember? Back when everyone hated the word sugar.

They're magically delicious!

Probably only available in the states, but I'm not sure.

I remember not really liking these even as a kid. Cocoa Pebbles were not too bad, though. They're basically Rice Krispies with flavours.



Category: Never in a Million Years:

Click here for the Ghostbusters Cereal commercial: http://www.x-entertainment.com/halloweencountdown/2003/october26/

 Because nothing tastes better with milk than oranges!


Holy besmoly - I just found out you can order these from General Mills. If I only had $22 US + shipping lying around. 


Frankenberry too! I loved this as a kid. Haven't had it for YEARS.

Sadly, Yummy Mummy is discontinued. I never had the chance to try them.


Cap'n Crunch's spinoff cereals...

Never seen this before!

Cool! The official cereal of Spaceship Zero!

 Only available in Britain. Yes, the cereal is shaped like Bart's shorts

"I pity the fool who don't eat my cereal!"

 Couldn't Find a Picture:

Remember Smurfberry Crunch? Jack Black appeared in Smurfberry Crunch commercial when he was 13.

There's a really good list of fictional cereals (Powdered Toast from Ren & Stimpy; Krusty O's from Simpsons; Archduke Chocula & Admiral Crunch from Futurama; Li'l Donuts from SNL) at http://www.lavasurfer.com/cereal-fictional.html