Futurama. Groenings second series after some show called The Simpsons.. 

THE THEME: Fry, a loser delivery boy, gets cryogenically frozen for 1000 years. In the future he teams up with a one-eyed alien babe and a sassy robot and together they deliver packages for Planetary Express in a series of hilarious misadventures. 

VOICE ACTORS: Billy West (Stimpy) as Fry, Katey Segal as Leela.

CUTESY MASCOT: Nibbler the alien 

THE EPISODES: All of my copies are taped directly from TV. Episodes I do not have are in GREEN

Season 1 (1998-1999) (9 Episodes In Season 1)

  1. Space Pilot 3000 (Originally Aired 3/28/1999)
  2. The Series Has Landed (Originally Aired 4/4/1999) The Lunar amusement park.
  3. I, Roommate (Originally Aired 4/6/1999) Fry moves in with Bender.
  4. Love's Labors Lost In Space (Originally Aired 4/13/1999) Leela encounters Zapp Branigan
  5. Fear Of A Bot Planet (Originally Aired 4/20/1999) The robot planet.
  6. A Fishful Of Dollars (Originally Aired 4/27/1999) Billionaire Fry buys last anchovies.
  7. My Three Suns (Originally Aired 5/4/1999) Fry rules over planet of liquid aliens
  8. A Big Piece Of Garbage (Originally Aired 5/11/1999) Garbage comet headed for Earth
  9. Hell Is Other Robots (Originally Aired 5/18/1999) Bender joins a bot cult then goes to robot Hell.

Season 2 (1999-2000) (20 Episodes In Season 2)

  1. A Flight To Remember (Originally Aired 9/26/1999) The Titanic (with Zapp Branigan)
  2. Mars University (Originally Aired 10/3/1999) Farnsworth creates superintelligent monkey.
  3. When Aliens Attack (Originally Aired 10/10/1999) "Single Female Lawyer" tv series cancelled.
  4. Fry And The Slurm Factory (Originally Aired 11/14/1999) 
  5. I Second That Emotion (Originally Aired 11/21/1999) Empathy chip in Bender, goes into sewers.
  6. Brannigan, Begin Again (Originally Aired 11/28/1999) Zapp court martialed, works for Farnsworth.
  7. A Head In The Polls (Originally Aired 12/12/1999) Richard Nixon's head on Bender's body.
  8. Xmas Story (Originally Aired 12/19/1999) John Goodman voices the evil Santa robot.
  9. Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love? Zoidberg goes back to home planet to mate. F8
  10. Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Originally Aired 2/13/2000) Fry's head on Amy's body.
  11. Lesser Of Two Evils (Originally Aired 2/20/2000) Flexo (Bender's double) & the Miss Universe Pageant.
  12. Raging Bender (Originally Aired 2/27/2000) Bender wrestles in Ultimate Robot Fighting League
  13. A Bicyclops Built For Two (Originally Aired 3/19/2000) Leela discovers a male cyclops & weds.
  14. How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back (Originally Aired 4/2/2000) Hermes replaced with woman.
  15. A Clone Of My Own (Originally Aired 4/9/2000) Farnsworth revives Cubert his clone heir
  16. The Deep South (Originally Aired 4/16/2000) Atlanta the sunken city.
  17. Bender Gets Made (Originally Aired 4/30/2000) Bender joins the robot mob.
  18. My Problem With Popplers (Originally Aired 5/7/2000) The new McNuggets are sentient. F8
  19. Mother's Day (Originally Aired 5/14/2000) "Mom" instigates robot revolt. Farnsworth must help.
  20. Anthology Of Interest 1 (Originally Aired 5/21/2000) 'What if' machine

Season 3 (2000-2001) (16 Episodes In Season 3)

  1. The Honking (Originally Aired 11/5/2000) Bender is a were-car.
  2. War Is The H-Word (Originally Aired 11/26/2000) Leela joins the army as a man. Zapp Branigan.
  3. The Cryonic Woman (Originally Aired 12/3/2000) The crew gets fired. Fry thaws his ex-girlfriend.
  4. A Tale Of Two Santas (Originally Aired 12/17/2000) 
  5. Amazon Women In The Mood (Originally Aired 1/14/2001) All-female planet worships Femputer.
  6. Parasites Lost (Originally Aired 1/21/2001) Fry ingests intelligent worms. F8
  7. Bendless Love (Originally aired 2/11/2001) Bender sent to bending factory w/ Flexo & fembot. F7
  8. The Day The Earth Stood Stupid (Originally aired 2/18/2001) Flying brains make earthlings stupid. F7
  9. That's Lobstertainment! (Originally aired 2/25/2001) Zoidberg & hologram star uncle back into showness. F7
  10. The Birdbot Of Ice-Catraz (Originally aired 3/4/2001) Oil spill at penguin refuge on Pluto F7
  11. Luck Of The Fryfish (Originally Aired 3/11/2001) Seven-leaf clover and Fry's brother. F7
  12. The Cyber House Rules (Originally Aired 4/1/2001) Orphanarium and Leela's cosmetic surgery. F7
  13. Insane In The Mainframe (Originally Aired 4/8/2001) Bender & Fry in robot sanitarium. F7
  14. Bendin' In The Wind (Originally Aired 4/22/2001) Beck gives Bender folk rock stardom
  15. Time Keeps On Slippin' (Originally Aired 5/6/2001) Harlem Globetrotters vs. Farnsworth's mutants. F8
  16. I Dated A Robot (Originally Aired 5/13/2001) Fry loves a virtual humanoid from a computer.

Season 4 (2001-2002)

  1. Roswell that Ends Well (Fry meets his relatives back in time) F12
    A Tale of Two Santas 

    Anthology of Interest 2
    (If Bender were human, if life were like a video game; if Leela found her home)
    Godfellas F10 Bender becomes god to tiny civilization on his body
    Love and Rocket F10 Bender falls in love with the Planet Express ship (Sigourney Weaver)

    Leela's Homeworld (Leela meets her parents)
    Where the Buggalo Roam (Amy's family on Mars featuring Kif)
  2. A Pharoah to Remember (Egyptian planet)
  3. The Route of All Evil F10 Cubert Farnsworth and Dwight Conrad start Awesome Express Delivery
    A Leela Of Her Own (Leela's worst blernsball player ever)
    Anthology Of Interest II
    Future Stock F8 Fry befriends 80's business shark guy
    The 30% Iron Chef F12 (Bender tries to be best chef)
    Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch F11 Kif pregnant
    Less Than Hero F11 Leela, Fry, Bender as superheroes
    A Taste Of Freedom F11 Zoidberg eats the Earth flag on Freedom Day
    Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV F13 Bender on "All My Circuits"
  5. Season 5 (2001-2002)

    Crimes Of The Hot F10/F12 Robots cause global warming
    Jurassic Bark F10 Fry's dog
    Teenage Mutant Leela Hurdles F12 Crew gets younger
    The Why Of Fry F12 Nibbler takes Fry to save the universe from the brain creatures again
    Where No Fan Has Gone Before F10 (ncf) Original Star Trek cast guest star
    The Sting F12 Fry is killed by space wasps
    Bend Her F13 Bender's sex change 
    Obsoletely Fabulous F13 Bender on island of obsolete robots

    The Farnsworth Parabox F12 parallel universe
    Three Hundred Big Boys (Nixon awards everyone a $300 fun bill)
    Spanish Fry F13 Omicron Persei 8's steal Fry's nose as an aphrodisiac
    Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings F13 Fry gets the robot devil's hands.