Justice League. The new millennium's answer to the Superfriends, from the creators of the Batman and Superman animated series.

THE THEME: Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl team up to defend the Earth against intergalactic threat! 

VOICE ACTORS: Kevin Conroy as Batman, Phil Lamarr as Green Lantern, Michael Ironside as Darkseid, Michael Dorn as Kalibak, Rene Auberjonois as DeSaad, Ron Perlman as Orion, Robert Picardo as Amazo and Blackhawk, Clancy Brown as Lex Luthor, John Rhys-Davies as Lord Hades, David Ogden Stiers as Solovar, Mark Hamill as Solomon Grundy, William Katt as Green Guardsman, Neil Patrick Harris as Ray Thompson, Pam Grier as My'nia'h, Tom Sizemore as Metamorpho, Rob Zombie as Ichthulhu, Fred Savage as Hawk, Jeffrey Combs as The Question, 

THE EPISODES: Taped directly from TV in stereo. Episodes not in my collection are green

Season 1 (2001-2002) 26 Episodes In Season 1

  1. Secret Origins, Part 1-3 (Originally Aired 11/17/2001) Introducing Martian Manhunter et al. SP mint 260
  2. In Blackest Night 1-2 (Originally Aired 11/19/2001) Green Lantern Corps vs The Manhunters SP mint 260
  3. The Enemy Below, 1-2 (Originally Aired 12/3/2001) Aquaman SP mint 261
  4. Injustice For All, Part 1 (Originally Aired 2/4/2002) The Injustice Society (Joker, Luthor, Cheetah, Ultra-Humanite, Copperhead, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, Sinestro(?) and The Shade) SP mint
  5. Injustice For All, Part 2 (Originally Aired 2/11/2002) SP very good
  6. Paradise Lost, Part 1-2 Wonder Woman vs Felix Faust SP mint 261
  7. War World, Part 1-2 Mongul SP mint 261
  8. The Brave And The Bold, 1-2 Gorilla Grodd SP mint 261
  9. Fury, Part 1-2 WW and Hawkgirl vs renegade Amazon SP mint 261
  10. Legends, Part 1-2 The Justice Guild of America with Green Guardsman, Streak, Black Siren, Tom Turbine, Catman. SP 207
  11. A Knight Of Shadows, Part 1-2 The Demon Etrigan SP mint 262
  12. Metamorphosis, Part 1 SP mint
  13. Metamorphosis, Part 2 SP mint but with 1 commercial break
  14. The Savage Time, Part 1-3 SP mint Vandal Savage
  • Season 2 (2002-2003)  
  • Twilight 1-2 Darkseid SP mint 267
    Only a Dream 1-2 Dr. Destiny
    When members of the Justice League are trapped in a nightmarish dream world controlled by the evil Dr. Destiny, they are forced to confront their own darkest fears. SP mint
    Tabula Rasa
    1-2 Amazo J'onn J'onzz has a crisis of conscience while Lex Luthor gains control of Amazo, a powerful android who can copy the powers of the entire Justice League. SP mint 267
    Maid of Honor 1-2 After Wonder Woman befriends a jet-setting Kasnian princess, she finds herself enmeshed in a complex plot of intrigue and betrayal masterminded by the Justice League's old enemy, Vandal Savage. SP mint
  • Hearts And Minds 1-2 When John Stewart learns that Katma Tui, his old girlfriend from the Green Lantern Corps, is missing in action, he leaves Earth to try to rescue her from the clutches of the mad prophet known as Despero. SP mint
  • A Better World 1-2 When Lex Luthor finally goes too far, Superman decides to take the law into his own hands. Ruling with an iron fist, the Man of Steel and his fellow heroes set out to eliminate all the crime from their world. SP mint
    The Terror Beyond 1-2 After Aquaman frees Solomon Grundy, Hawkgirl and the Justice League are convinced that the Lord of Atlantis has gone rogue. But when the trail leads them to the mysterious Dr. Fate, they discover there is more to this strange partnership than meets the eye. SP mint
    Eclipsed 1-2 Eclipso
    When peace-keeping soldiers in the Middle East unearth an ancient hidden temple, they unwittingly release a vengeful spirit that possesses one of them. This spirit’s only goal is the total destruction of mankind, and even the Justice League is powerless to resist it. SP mint
    Hereafter 1-2 Volcana and Brainiac After Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his fellow heroes, the Justice League and rest of the grieving planet must learn to live in a world without Superman. SP mint
    The Secret Society 1-2 Shade, Grodd, Clayface, Parasite While the strain of working so closely together begins to tear apart the Justice League, Gorilla Grodd returns and forms a tightly-knit group of villains – a Secret Society whose only goal is the destruction of the League. SP vg
    Comfort and Joy 1 SP mint
    Wild Card 1-2 Royal Flush Gang SP mint
  • Starcrossed 1-2-3 SP mint


Initiation (Green Arrow fights rampaging nuclear monster in Asia) SP mint
For the Man Who Has Everything (Mongul returns) SP mint

Hawk and Dove (vs Ares) SP mint
Fearful Symmetry (Supergirl)
Kid Stuff (Mordred) SP mint
This Little Piggy (Zatanna) SP mint
The Return (Amazo) SP mint
The Greatest Story Never Told (Mordru/Aquaman & Booster Gold) SP mint
atum (Ultimen) SP mint
Dark Heart (Atom) SP mint
Wake the Dead (Solomon Grundy) SP 273
The Once and Future Thing Parts 1-2 (Jonah Hex, Batman Beyond) SP mint 273

Season 4

The Cat and the Canary (Wildcat, Black Canary, Green Arrow) SP mint 273
The Ties that Bind (Mister Miracle, Flash, Big Barda, Granny Goodness) SP mint 274
The Doomsday Sanction (Amanda Waller, Doomsday) SP mint 274

Task Force X (Suicide Squad) SP mint 274
The Balance SP mint (Felix Faust, Hades) SP mint 274
Double Date (Question, Huntress, Tobias Whale) 275
Hunter's Moon (Vigilante, Vixen) 274
The Clash (Captain Marvel) SP vg 275
Question Authority SP mint 275
Flashpoint SP mint 275
Panic in the Sky SP mint 275
Divided We Fall (Luthor/Brainiac) SP vg 276
Epilogue (Batman Beyond) SP mint 276

Season 5

I am Legion (Lex Luthor/Grodd/The Key/Dr Polaris;Fire)
Shadow of the Hawk (Batman/Shayera;Shadow Thief/Dreamslayer)

Chaos at the Earth's Core (Supergirl/Stargirl;Warlord/Metallo/Silver Banshee)
To Another Shore (Wonder Woman/Viking Prince, Red Tornado)
Flash and Substance (Orion, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang)
Dead Reckoning (Deadman)
Patriot Act
(Green Arrow/Crimson Avenger/Shining Knight) 
Great Brain Robbery (Luthor;Flash)

Episode 35: TBA
Episode 36: TBA
Episode 37: TBA
Episode 38: TBA
Episode 39: TBA

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